about Somos Músicos

Somos Músicos means “We are Musicians,” a simple expression of solidarity of purpose and cooperation in an extraordinary community of musical artists, scholars, composers — the students and faculty of the School of Music. Our mission is in making music together to develop ourselves and our art and contribute value to our society.

The phrase first was used as a name for an ongoing concert series. Each month students have the opportunity to sign up to perform a piece with and primarily for fellow students. The Somos Músicos concerts are each a learning laboratory.

The concerts have expanded to include as a prelude a Musicians Forum. Guest and faculty presenters expose students to various issues they will encounter on their career path as a musician and/or music teacher.

Somos Músicos also became the title of our newsletter, published 2009 through 2014 as monthly issues on the School of Music web site. Now the news appears as individual articles in this new Word Press blog-site format. Enjoy!