TXST Jazz Ensemble Performs at Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival

TXST Jazz Ensemble performing at Notre Dame

The TXST Jazz Ensemble performed last Saturday at the Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival. Originally slated to perform Friday, the Jazz Ensemble experienced major travel delays, pushing their performance back to Saturday evening. However, once the Ensemble arrived, all travel woes quickly faded as they had a fantastic time representing our University at the Festival!

The students were able to attend the judge’s clinic Saturday afternoon, socialize with jazz students from Michigan State, and have a clinic with Diego Rivera, Michigan State University’s jazz saxophone professor. The TXST Jazz Ensemble then put on a phenomenal performance, scoring a 137 out of a possible 140 from the judge’s panel. Students Dayne RelifordAbel AlanizIsaac PulidoDaniel KerwoodBrian GoldenRoberto Aponte, and Hunter Moffitt all received Outstanding Soloist Awards!


Following the Festival, the School of Music received this congratulatory comment from Notre Dame:

“Your Texas State band was terrific. I can say from experience that your band was truly one of the best I have ever heard at the Collegiate Jazz Festival. Back in the early years when CJF was competitive, your group would have been right up there with Indiana, Illinois, North Texas, and some of the other ‘powerhouse’ college jazz groups which typically won the “best big band” award. If such awards were still given, Texas State would have won it this year. Congratulations to your students on an outstanding performance.”

-Larry Dwyer, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Notre Dame