Dr. Thomas Clark Proclaimed the 2020 Texas State Jazz Laureate

TXST Faculty, from Left to Right: Butch Miles, Doug Lawrence, Dr. Clark, Keith Winking, Hank Hehmsoth, and Loren Schoenberg.This past weekend the TXST Jazz area put on their 32nd Hill Country Jazz Festival. The Festival kicked off Friday night with the Eddie Durham Jazz Celebration. At the Celebration, the Jazz Faculty presented Director of the School of Music, Dr. Thomas Clark, a proclamation naming him the 2020 Jazz Laureate at Texas State. Over his past 12 years as Director, Dr. Clark has been a great supporter in every way for the Jazz area.

The Proclamation reads as follows:

WHEREAS, We, the Jazz Faculty of the Texas State University School of Music, join with musicians from across the country to celebrate the legacy of San Marcos native Eddie Durham for the seventeenth year, and commemorate the 32nd Annual Hill Country Jazz Festival; and…
WHEREAS, August 2020 marks the closure of Dr. Thomas Clark’s tenure as Director of the Texas State University School of Music; and…
WHEREAS, Dr. Thomas Clark has provided exceptional support for all ambitions of the Jazz area, presiding over its renaissance; and…
WHEREAS, Internationally-renowned artists and scholars Doug Lawrence and Loren Schoenberg, N.E.A. Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern, and scores of other worldclass artists have shared their gifts annually with the Texas State community;
be it therefore… On this seventh day of February, 2020, we, the Jazz Faculty of Texas State University School of Music, hereby join others across Texas State to proclaim
Jazz proclamation detailed above
Thank you Dr. Clark for your unwavering support of the musicians here at TXST!