TXST Faculty at JEN 2020

Texas State University Jazz Faculty. From left to right: Russell Haight--sax, Hank Hehmsoth--piano, Utah Hamrick--bass, and emeritus faculty John Mills--sax.John Mills’ Times Ten group gave a great Jazz concert in “the Big Easy,” New Orleans, on Friday, January 10th at the 11th Annual Jazz Educator Network International Conference (JEN). This marked Times Ten’s 3rd appearance at JEN. Times Ten is described as “a powerhouse 10-piece ensemble on the renowned Austin, Texas scene. Rhythmic drive, melodic surprise and harmonic imagination are the band’s signature with the leader’s innovative compositions putting a contemporary, groove-based spin on the big band tradition, interweaving dynamic ensemble passages with virtuosic improvisation.”

Pictured are four Texas State Jazz Faculty, left to right: Russell Haight–sax, Hank Hehmsoth–piano, Utah Hamrick–bass, and emeritus faculty John Mills–sax.