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Busy trombone prof

Dr. Martin McCain was a guest artist at the American Trombone Workshop in Washington D.C. He presented a masterclass with his chamber ensemble, the Minor 4th Trombone Quartet, served on the jury for the National Bass Trombone Solo Competition and was a guest soloist with the University of Toronto’s Trombone Choir and the U.S. Army Concert Band “Pershing’s Own”.

McCain Photo

McCain performed with the IRIS Orchestra under the direction of Michael Stern and recorded a live broadcast with the ensemble on Memphis’ WKNO classical radio station. He also performed with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Moody. Dr. McCain presented a masterclass to the trombone studio at the University of Memphis and a music business lecture entitled “Discover Yourself: Make Your Own Opportunities” at the University of Texas at Austin.

He hosted the Texas State Trombone Symposium, which included guest artists from the Atlanta Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic and Zurich Opera. The Symposium’s international solo competition final round drew  competitors from the Amsterdam Conservatory, Michigan State University, the University of North Texas, Oklahoma State University, Baylor University, the University of Southern Mississippi and Baylor University.

Additionally, McCain’s second solo album “Shades” received a strong review in the recent quarterly journal of the International Trombone Association.

flute prof gives teacher clinic

On March 26, Dr. Adah Toland Jones was an invited clinician for a group of teachers in the Houston Flute Club, part of a series the club has for its membership to discuss topics relevant to flute teachers at all levels. Topics chosen by Dr. Jones’ for her session included: “Taking Auditions,” “Common Flute Problems” (geared for band directors), “Vibrato” and “Double Tonguing”. These areas were animatedly discussed and the meeting provided all an opportunity to get to know one another and share common issues related to the flute teaching profession.

Houston Fl

VocaLibre goes on the road with Leno

VocaLibre recently went on the road with Jay Leno.   Directed by Craig Aamot, they  opened for an audience of about 1200  in Corpus Christi and a full house of 1800 in McAllen, which gave them a standing ovation.   Their 30-minute set offered music with themes of strength, hope, and compassion. The presentation included some Texas State pride, introductions of all 14 students, their majors and hometowns. The singers were:

Kristen DelBosque,  Theatre
Johnny Edds,  English
Ian Flores,  SRT
Collin Friedl,  Music Education
Bailey Galindo, Vocal Performance
Faith Hearn,  Theatre and Dance
Noah Reinhuber,  Vocal Performance
Jenna Quiroz, Music Education
Stephen Richardson, Music Education
Kevin Tarpley,  Music Education
Bailey Turner, Vocal Performance
and alumni
Kirstin Cara-Simms, Education
Andres Davilla,  Spanish
Lindsey Wurdermann,  Speech Pathology

Leno liked it!