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Singers win at NATS Regional Competition

TXST voice students had a remarkable weekend in Waco at TEXOMA NATS, the regional competition of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Fourteen of our students advanced to the semifinals, four of them placed as finalists, and two took prizes for Singer of the Year.

Edward Baird Singer of the Year Competition: Ivy Cantu – 1st Prize; Maeli Mesilemit Gonzalez – 3rd Prize.

Finalists: Michelle Sanchez Gascon – 1st prize Junior Women; Gabryella Carrelli – 3rd prize Freshman Women; Cassidy Wallace – 3rd prize Senior Women; Annisha Mackenzie – 4th prize Junior Women.

Semifinalists: Freshmen Women Christine Ashbaugh, Gianna Eason, Darrin Ruiz, and Paiton Seals; Lyndsea Woodall – Sophomore Women; Hunter Sabin – Sophomore Men; Martha Rose Hayes – Senior Women; Garrett Douglas – Senior Men; Karissa Kim – Graduate Women; Pedro Valdez – Graduate Men.


NATS musical theater competition winners

Four Texas State music students made the list of winners for the National Association of Teachers of Singing Texoma Region musical theater competition:

Upper College MT Men:
2nd Place:  Reese Landis (Junior), student of Michelle Haché

Lower College MT Women:
3rd Place: Annisha Mackenzie (Sophomore), student of Michelle Haché

Lower College MT Men:
2nd Place:  James Adamson (Freshman), student of Youna Hartgraves
3rd Place:   Garrett Douglas (Sophomore), student of Michelle Haché

All of these students are now eligible to compete for a spot in NATS National Semi-Finals for musical theater.

TXST @ NATS Texhoma results

Held November 8-11 at Texas A&M Commerce, the National Teachers of Singing Texhoma region competition selected two TXST singers as finalists: Ivy Cantu (student of Cheryl Parrish) and Ben Ruiz (student of Ron Ulen).

TXST Semi-Finalists included Youna Hartgraves’ students James Adamson and Hunter Sabin; Richard Novak’s students Alexis Alvarado, Audrey Harris, and Courtney Katzmeyer; Ron Ulen’s students Anna Balan and Mackenzie Bitz; Cheryl Parrish’s student Martha Rose Hayes; Michelle Hache’s students Annisha MackenzieMichelle Sanchez, and Cassidy Wallace;  and Myra Vassian’s student William Phi.

Caitlyn Durkee, Bailey Galindo, Lucas Phillips, Sara Trogden, and Anai Winn from TXST also competed.

NATS Chapter auditions on our campus

Last weekend the Texas State School of Music hosted more than 300 student vocalists and 59 teachers who participated in competitive auditions with the South Texas Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Texas State faculty Oliver Worthington chaired the auditions, coordinating this major event. Also, Texas State faculty Richard Novak was elected audition chair in training for the next two years.

NATS singing successes

More than 500 students from across the Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma region competed this weekend in Canyon, Texas, in the student audition competition for NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). Of the 29 Texas State students competing, 15 made it to the Semi-Finals, and 7 of those made it to the final round.  Jordan Van De Vere won the Singer of the Year award, accompanied by  Joey Martin.

Texas State faculty Soon Cho, Ames Asbell, Joey Martin, and Richard Novak also gave performances, and Sam Mungo did an expert presentation. In addition to Dr. Martin, Eric Thompson, Ashley Stone, and Carlos Quesada provided excellent accompaniment.

2016 Texoma NATS Texas State student results:

Freshmen Women Semi-finalists –
Annisha Mackenzie, BM – Performance (student of Brigitte Bellini)
Michelle Sanchez, BM – Music Studies (student of Oliver Worthington)

Sophomore Women Semi-finalist – Cassidy Wallace, BM – Performance (Bellini)

Junior Women Semi-finalist – Lauren “Bailey” Galindo, BM – Performance (Bellini)

Junior Men Semi-finalist – Caleb Rech, BM – Performance (Bellini)

Senior Women Semi-finalists –
Sarah Jacob, BM – Performance (Worthington)
Mallorie Gabbert, BM – Performance (student of Ronald Ulen)

Graduate Women Semi-finalists –
Keeley Hooker, MM – Performance & Pedagogy (student of Cheryl Parrish)
Charissa Memrick, MM – Performance & Pedagogy (Parrish)
Emily Thomasson, MM – Performance (student of Soon Cho)

Freshmen Men Finalist – Trenton Floyd, BM – Music Studies – 2nd Place (Cho)

Sophomore Women Finalist – Martha Rose Hayes, BM – Performance – 4th Place (Parrish)

Sophomore Men Finalists –
Alex Vanderpot, BS – Sound Recording Technology – 5th Place (Cho)
Benjamin Ruiz, BM – Performance – Honorable Mention (Ulen)

Junior Men Finalist – Joshua Meza, BM Performance – 5th Place (student of Richard Novak)

Senior Men Finalist – De’Evin J. Johnson, BM – Music Studies – 4th Place (Worthington)

2016 Texoma NATS Singer of the Year Competition Winner –
Jordan Van de Vere, BM – Performance (Cho)

Conference master class selection – Mallorie Gabbert, BM – Performance (Ulen)