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Strong presence at ATMI/CMS conference

Texas State Music faculty activities at the recent joint ATMI/CMS national conference in San Antonio:
Nico Schüler presented “Wordless Functional Analysis Revisited”.
Cynthia Gonzales gave a demo/workshop, “A Comprehensive Aural-Skills Curriculum via SmartMusic®”.
Caroline Steiger performed Kevin Ernste’s Nisi for horn and live electronics.
John Lopez gave a demonstration, “Establishing Effective Mariachi Rehearsal Techniques”. Texas State’s Mariachi Nueva Generacion, performed.
Amanda Soto was presider/moderator for several sessions throughout the conference and presented as part of the panel, “Inside/Outside Music Education: Political Narratives Within and Through the Margins” with colleagues from Boston University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She also serves on the CMS National Board as the Music Education Representative.