New path down to the sea

Kyle Glaser‘s new edition of Down to the Sea in Ships by Robert Russell Bennett has been published by Alfred Publishing Belwin Division. The publisher describes, “This fresh, carefully edited concert band transcription has been extensively researched and will be a cherished addition to serious band literature for generations to come.”


An outgrowth of NBC’s 1952 successful tele-documentary Victory at Sea, was Project 20 two years later: a 30-episode series that was scored completely by Robert Russell Bennett. The episode, called Down to the Sea in Ships, utilized this score that initially aired in December of 1968. The magic of the sea, the beauty of ships, and fascination for the men who sail them, are fully explored in this five-movement epic work that relies heavily on sea shanties and folk material. In regarding the work in Bennett’s own words, it had a lot to tell us about our struggles, triumphs, and defeats on the mighty ocean. The movements are titled; The Way of the Ship, Mists and Mystery, Songs of the Salty Air, Waltz of the Clipper Ships, and Finale, Introducing the S.S. Eagle March.