Texas State prof receives DePauw Achievement Award

DePauw University has named Texas State University Regents’ Professor Ian Davidson as winner of the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award for Creative and Performing Arts.  The awards are given to DePauw alumni in recognition of outstanding professional achievement in areas such as performing arts, entrepreneurship, science, technology and media.  Previous winners include Pulitzer Prize winning journalist James B. Stewart, Metropolitan Opera Soprano Pamela Coburn, ESPN founder William F. Rasmussen, Actor David Cryer,  Los Angeles Times Managing Editor Douglas Frantz,  Former Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick,  MapQuest founder Judson Green, Angie’s List founder Angela Hicks Bowman, General Motors Chairman Tim Solso, EA Entertainment President Kathy Patterson Vrabeck, and Newberry Medal winner Richard Peck.

Ian D